When autumn is approaching, towards the end of September and beginning of October, when the great heat of midday gives way to the evening breezes, it gives an amazing show. The male deer leave the closed forest towards the clearings and pastures and very characteristic sounds begin to be heard at dawn and when the sun is about to set.. These sounds give their name to the event, since these are screams produced by male deer during the mating season.. La Berrea.

The rut marks the time when the deer begins its mating rituals.. It is also a sign that summer has ended and autumn has begun.. Male deer call to announce both females and other rival deer that are in the area.. The females wait for two males to meet., since when it occurs another event occurs that is part of this natural spectacle, which has become a great attraction for country lovers.

When one male meets another, they start to scream louder, and they prepare to clash their antlers in a fierce fight. They can spend hours doing it, until one of them gives up, exhausted, and let the winner collect his prize. In this case it is about copulating with females., who have been waiting patiently until the best stallion has prevailed. In fact, the females do not flinch while the fight lasts. They want their offspring to have the best genetic material, and that's why they wait until the strongest wins the battle. Only then can the mating ritual begin.

Definitely, The most spectacular part of the deer is its antlers, that is renewed every year. These new horns have a kind of fluff, that the males rub against the trees to remove it before starting the rutting battles. The older the deer is, bigger and more majestic are its horns.

Genatur offers you the opportunity to listen to and observe La Berrea del Ciervo in the Montes Propios of Jerez, located in Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Accompanied by an expert guide, The species of cervids will be explained first., biology, antler growth…. and then we will enter the heart of the Mount to listen to the roar they will emit and observe their mating ritual from a distance..