No country in the world is spared from the danger of forest fires, where great masses of trees are incinerated, destroying the life that these forests harbor. Last Friday, August 18, was the world day for the prevention of forest fires.. This day is intended to inform people about the serious consequences that this type of event can have., it is necessary to make the population aware of the need to care for and preserve our forests, take extreme precautions and do everything possible to avoid them.

He 95% of them are caused by human action both accidentally and voluntarily, according to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. to human action, droughts join them, product of global warming, that contribute to making more fuel available, increasing the risk of wildfires. Every year, Forest fires destroy approximately ten million hectares of forest in the world.

Forest fires have complex impacts on ecological processes. These effects can be direct such as loss of animals, loss of vegetation and soil degradation. indirect effects, for his part, they range from soil erosion and water pollution to dam fouling and landslides.

To prevent this from happening, The best thing is without a doubt that there is a serious prevention policy. That pruning and clearing of weeds be carried out in winter and that controlled burning be carried out. The National Government highlights three central ways to prevent this type of fire: avoid lighting fires under trees (only do it in authorized places), do not throw cigarette butts and matches in the forest and collect all flammable waste such as cans or glass before leaving the place.