Watchtower Cross

From the charming town of Benamahoma, and more specifically at the beginning of the impressive Majaceite trail, This beautiful linear round trip begins, that will take you to discover as a highlight the well-known "Watchtower Cross". From this high point, impressive panoramic views of the aforementioned town and the […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

Quejigal Houses- Its Spring and Sources

Beginning of the “Casas del Quejigal” trail of the Montes Propios of Jerez, in the heart of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Throughout the tour we will have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the different ecosystems present in Los Montes de Propios de Jerez.. On acidic soils settled on the sandstones of the […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

The Algarves- Betijuelo and Valdevaqueros

Without a doubt, the Algarbes-Betijuelo trail is the one that keeps the greatest secrets of all the trails in the Estrecho Natural Park.. It begins by surrounding the Bronze Age Necropolis. The route of the trail is in the shape of an open V towards the Valdevaqueros cove, one of the longest virgin beaches of the Iberian Peninsula. […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

The Torrecilla – Quejigales

EL TORRECILLA – QUEJIGALES (SIERRA DE LAS NEVIS) The attractiveness of this itinerary comes from, among many other reasons, due to the presence of unique botanical species such as Spanish firs or mountain gall oaks. In addition, The numerous manifestations of karst modeling in this mountain range are striking., entre las que tienen especial protagonismo los elementos de […]

El Palancar and Charco Redondo reservoir

The beginning of this trail leads to a gall oak forest where there are old restored homes of the local inhabitants., known as moriscos. Humidity is present in some sections of the route, Even the stones are covered with ferns and vines. From this natural viewpoint, we have wonderful panoramic views of the Charco Redondo Reservoir and […]

The town of La Silla del Papa

The Estrecho Natural Park and the Los Alcornocales Natural Park are a strategic place for human settlements throughout the history of humanity.. This activity consists of visiting the vestiges that are preserved of the Turdetan oppidum known as The Pope's Chair, a fortified settlement located on top of a […]

Coargazal Tunnel and Gothic Arch

La excursión empieza en el Puerto del Boyar, y discurre por la Sierra del Endrinal, en pleno corazón del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema. Se trata de un recorrido lineal que se introduce en el hermoso enclave calizo del Sistema Bético en la provincia de Cádiz. El recorrido y entorno por el que […]

Simancón and The Clock

The Sierra de Grazalema, located at the westernmost end of the Subbética mountain range, and in which the limestone formation predominates, It is composed of a set of small sub-mountains. Specific, The route we propose is located in the Sierra del Endrinal, so named because of the predominance of Blackthorns, and whose fruit is […]

Pinar de la Algaida, San Pedro River and Los Toruños Marshes

ALGAIDA PINE GROVE , SAN PEDRO RIVER AND LOS TORUÑOS MARSHALS We will walk through the Pinar de la Algaida, enjoying the shade provided by our pine trees and seeing the botanical species of our coast. The path will take us into the Hypersaline Lagoons, something extraordinary in nature that gives us this place so […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

Pinar del Hierro Trail, Magic Point and Cerro de la Espartosa

We will visit the forest reserve of Pinar del Hierro, that due to its great biodiversity, It is one of the most important and threatened Andalusian pine forests, as it is home to an abundant variety of fauna and vegetation species, some of them listed as endangered. Along the way we will meet "the caleras", que son unos hornos […]

Medina Lagoon

We will take the path that borders the Medina Lagoon, enclave of recognized international importance for aquatic birds. It has a leading role as a wintering center, reproduction and migratory rest of many waterfowl, proving particularly important as a refuge for post-reproductive concentration of birds that have bred in nearby wetlands, como es el Parque Nacional […]

own forests – Cerro del Charco and Brañahonda

Circular route, We are going to find sections exposed to the different cardinal points. This means that we find shady and sunny exposures.. Las umbrías se caracterizan por una vegetación profunda en especies adaptadas y reservadas de los vientos secos y las altas temperaturas del estío, com el Quejigo. Todo lo contrario a […]

The Fishing Corrals and Pinar de la Almadraba Trail – Rota

INTERPRETED PATH “THE FISHING CORRALS AND THE PINE FOREST OF LA ALMADRABA” The Fishing Corrales of Rota (natural monument), are a set of constructions on the intertidal strip of the beaches of Rota and Chipiona, on the Atlantic coast of the province of Cádiz, linked to a traditional fishing art since the time […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

The Pinsapar – grazalema

Beginning of the Pinsapar restricted access trail at an altitude of 1000 metros, éste discurre por la ladera norte de la sierra del Pinar atravesando el bosque de pinsapos entre Grazalema y Benamahoma. Desde este punto comenzamos la ascensión hacia el Puerto de las Cumbres. Durante este ascenso podremos ver el pueblo de Grazalema, […]

Climb to the top of Picacho

We are going to ascend to the summit of Picacho, explaining the flora, fauna and landscape. The beginning of the trail takes us to the lagoon at the foot of Picacho, then we will see an old bread oven. We will cross the stream on a wooden bridge and admire the cork oak forest before the climb. […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

The Mills of Santa Lucía

Located in the Janda Region, This route runs along the Livestock Routes surrounded by a landscape of incomparable beauty. Starting in the Rural Nucleus of Santa Lucía, named Natural Monument, We enter a path where water becomes the protagonist, being able to observe the Manantial de la Muela and several waterfalls […]

10,00€ – 15,00€

Prehistoric Facinas – dolmens and menhirs

Facinas is a jewel between the sea and the mountains, land loaded with history and proof of this are the innumerable prehistoric vestiges existing in its municipal area, among which stand out dolmens and menhirs, some of which we will see on this path. Activity schedule: 10:00 a 13:30 Route: On foot and difficulty […]

Coves of Punta Carnero – geology “The Flysch and Reefs” in Algeciras

PATH "THE COVES FROM PUNTA CARNERO TO PUNTA CUCHILLOS, THE FLYSCH AND REEFS" in Algeciras A geological paradise to discover. This path will take us to see the coast of the Natural Park of the Strait, where there is a landscape that will truly surprise us. In this area you will discover beautiful coves, as "Secret Cove, pear cove, […]


The Buddha – La Peña Viewpoint

What is known as the Buddha Route ,It is one of the four trails that can be done within the Estrecho Natural Park. Concretely, this road framed in the municipal area of ​​Tarifa. It is a path that runs through the Sierra de Enmedio, between that of San Bartolomé and that of Ojén and which coincides in its […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

Monarch Butterfly Trail in Castellar Fra.

INTERPRETED PATH “MONARCH BUTTERFLY” Place: Los Alcornocales Natural Park – Castellar de la Fra area. Castellar de la Frontera has one of the largest concentrations of monarch butterflies in all of Europe. on this trail, that runs mostly parallel to the Guadarranque River, you can see this type of colorful insects. The mystery of its reproduction in […]

Eagle Hill – Sanlucar de Barrameda

On the other bank of the Guadalquivir, Doñana continues to be a space full of riches. This trail discovers part of them. It also offers a tour of an area where numerous species roam.; allows you to attend the meeting between the domains of sea and land, those in which the salt industry has prospered; maybe […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

Cueva de la Pileta and Cueva del Gato

The Cueva de la Pileta will be visited, where you will enjoy the cave paintings. In a beautiful Prehistoric Paleolithic and Neolithic site. Afterwards, the trail will take place in the direction of the Cueva del Gato, very close to the Guadiaro river. By Cortijo Grande and Cañada Real. Between Benaojan and Montejaque. location: Grazalema Hours of the […]

Sunset in La Algaida, Los Toruños and Río San Pedro

ALGAIDA ROUTE, LOS TORUÑOS Y RÍO SAN PEDRO Recorrido al atardecer interpretado. No te lo pierdas. + We will walk through the Pinar de la Algaida + You will know the Hypersaline Lagoons and you will observe the birds. + We will go up to the Observatory to see the panoramic view + We will cross the San Pedro River Bridge, explaining the different ecosystems […]

Path “the river of honey” – Pools and Waterfall in Algeciras

The Rio de La Miel trail, starts at the Molino de Escalona, still in use for grinding grain. We follow the margin of this river that houses forests in galleries known as canutos that constitute a unique ecosystem of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park.. We will cross a beautiful bridge that only allows the passage of people and […]

5,00€ – 12,00€

Star Workshop in the Medina Lagoon

STAR WORKSHOP IN THE LAGOON OF MEDINA In the first place, We are going to take a little path bordering the Medina Lagoon, which is located near Jerez. We will explain the ecosystems of the place. around, we will carry out the Stars and Constellations Workshop. The most important planets and stars will be identified and mythological legends will be told. […]

5,00€ – 12,00€