Guided tour of Parauta – The Enchanted Forest

Parauta, Malaga town located in the Genal Valley, It is where we find the Enchanted Forest route. It is a linear route between the municipalities of Parauta and Cartajima, of some 3 miles round trip, Suitable for the whole family. In the route, we will be able to observe the works of the artist Diego Guerrero, que ha […]

35.00$ – 40.00$

Mycological day in the Montes Propios

The surroundings of the Alcornocales Natural Park, and specifically the Montes Propios, It is perfect to discover the mysterious world of mycology. On this day, We will be able to introduce ourselves to the knowledge of the biology and ecology of fungi and learn to recognize edible and toxic mushrooms, todo ello disfrutando del entorno de los […]

5$ – 12$

Jarillo Trail – Mecca Tower

Perfect place to observe the natural and cultural characteristics of the Breña and Marismas de Barbate Natural Park; coastal ecosystems, associated fauna and flora, and the use of natural resources in the environment. A route of just three and a half kilometers where we can find two recreational areas; Pinewood, full of colors and essences; […]

5$ – 12$

Path “The Dehesa Boyal Causeway”

El trayecto que aquí se propone, de apenas dos mil seiscientos metros, nos dirige por una antigua calzada romana hasta lo alto de la fortaleza medieval de Castellar de la Frontera, y su próximo yacimiento arqueológico, siempre con amplias vistas sobre una naturaleza agreste, entre valles y bosques de alcornoques que marcaron la historia de […]

5$ – 12$

The Valdeinfierno Gorge and the Laurissilva Forest

Let's get to know the most distinctive vegetation of Los Alcornocales Natural Park, "the joints", a vegetation similar to the Tertiary Era, which due to the existing microclimate in this area gives rise to an exuberant foliage formed by alders, gall oaks laden with moss and ferns. We will also find the rhododendrons that will soon be in bloom. […]

5$ – 12$

The Guadalete and Majaceite River Board, The Siphons and the Guadalcacín Dam

This visit will begin by visiting the Guadalcacín Dam, observing the Thermal Power Plant and learning about the history and functionality of the reservoir. But later, We will take the cars to travel to the junction of the Guadalete and Majaceite rivers. We will go through the Iron Bridge and the water channel from the reservoir. Subiremos a los […]

5$ – 12$

Arcos de la Frontera Trail and El Romeral Hermitage

This trail begins at the San Miguel bridge and we will walk along the banks of the Guadalete River, towards the Ermita de El Romeral and the cork oak forests, where we will have impressive views of Arcos de la Frontera and the Bornos reservoir, leaving aside La Morla, where they are cloning pine trees. location: Arcos de […]

5$ – 12$

Republican Plains

The limestone mountains hide secrets inside. Secrets that through this path we can know, What are the Llanos del Republicano and Líbar like?. Important geological formations, like poljés, dolinas, chasms or lapiaces will accompany us along this path. Also on this tour we will discover the typical livestock of the area, con razas peculiares y […]

5$ – 12$

Salinas de Carboneros Trail and Flor de Sal Gift Bag

PATH IN THE SALT PATH OF CARBONEROS and FLOWER OF SAL GIFT BAG This path with great ecological interest, It is located in the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park, specifically in the town of Chiclana de la Fra. The tour takes place through the marsh, bordering the salt mine and explaining how it works, We will also observe the characteristic vegetation, […]

5$ – 12.00$

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

May this Christmas and next year, joy and peace fill your days. May the light of hope illuminate your path and may happiness overflow in your home.. Happy holidays and a prosperous New Year full of success and blessings!! THE Genatur team 676987031

The Plateras – El Jaral

The present route, known as Las Plateras, It surrounds the mountain called El Jaral, known as this because of the plant of the same name that we can find in it. We will walk along wide paths, Most of the route we can enjoy a smooth path, although we will find some slopes of little intensity. In relation to vegetation, podremos […]

5$ – 12$

Eagle Hill – Sanlucar de Barrameda

On the other bank of the Guadalquivir, Doñana continues to be a space full of riches. This trail discovers part of them. It also offers a tour of an area where numerous species roam.; allows you to attend the meeting between the domains of sea and land, those in which the salt industry has prospered; maybe […]

5$ – 12$

The Buddha – La Peña Viewpoint

What is known as the Buddha Route ,It is one of the four trails that can be done within the Estrecho Natural Park. Concretely, this road framed in the municipal area of ​​Tarifa. It is a path that runs through the Sierra de Enmedio, between that of San Bartolomé and that of Ojén and which coincides in its […]

5$ – 12$

Gaidóvar Riverside

This route runs through the area where the Grazalema crops are concentrated., crossing the Gaidóvar riverbank and ending on the Pileta plain. This valley has traditionally been a fertile orchard due mainly to the abundance of water. The almond trees stand out mainly, that now bloom, splashing the landscape with color. They stand out […]

5$ – 12$

Punta del Boquerón

The Point of the Boquerón, declared a Natural Monument, The Urrutia Battery, defensive construction of the eighteenth century, el cercano Castillo de Sancti-Petri, los Bunkers, and the ecosystems of this Natural Park, They are attractive enough to walk this path. It has great ecological value., for its native species. You will know the dune systems and the marshes that constitute […]

5$ – 12$

Cave of the Two Doors

Circular path along which we can visit the Llanos del Endrinal and then go up to the Cueva de las Dos Puertas, a stone bridge, formed by the dissolution of limestone rock by water. Next on the descent we will visit the ruins of the old hermitage. Simultaneously we can enjoy some […]

5$ – 12$

Sierra del Hacho

Mount Hacho is the main peak of the Sierra del Hacho, in whose foothills the municipality of Álora is located. Of great natural and cultural interest, The route through Monte Hacho is a route for hikers around said mountain. When the tour enters nature, la ruta pasa a ser […]

5$ – 12$

Llanos del Berral

Gentle descent through limestone relief, with a Mediterranean forest with a predominance of holm oak and gall oak. Views of the Sierra del Pinar, and to El Torreón, highest point in the province. Views towards the Aznalmara castle and Sierra de la Silla. Remains of threshing floor and sealed quarry. During our tour we can admire the […]

5$ – 12$

The Quebradas and the Old Windmills

The Quebradas and the Old Windmills The trail runs along the La Oliva road and is one of the ornithological routes of the Breña and Marismas del Barbate Natural Park. You will get to know one of the most representative ecosystems of this natural park, Pinewood, that next to the marshes and the […]

5$ – 12$

Bornos, Plaza de Armas Hill and Bornos Dam

Board this charming circular route that begins next to the picturesque embankment of the Bornos wetland, offering you an exceptional panoramic view of Bornos, the reservoir and the majestic Sierra. From this elevated path, You can enjoy splendid views that take in Arcos and its picturesque countryside., proporcionando miradores naturales con perspectivas magníficas del interior del […]

5$ – 12$

Watchtower Cross

From the charming town of Benamahoma, and more specifically at the beginning of the impressive Majaceite trail, This beautiful linear round trip begins, that will take you to discover as a highlight the well-known "Watchtower Cross". From this high point, impressive panoramic views of the aforementioned town and the […]

5$ – 12$

Quejigal Houses- Its Spring and Sources

Beginning of the “Casas del Quejigal” trail of the Montes Propios of Jerez, in the heart of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park. Throughout the tour we will have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy the different ecosystems present in Los Montes de Propios de Jerez.. On acidic soils settled on the sandstones of the […]

5$ – 12$

The Mills of Santa Lucía and Vejer de la Frontera

Located in the Janda Region, This route runs along the Livestock Routes surrounded by a landscape of incomparable beauty. Starting in the Rural Nucleus of Santa Lucía, named Natural Monument, We enter a path where water becomes the protagonist, being able to observe the Manantial de la Muela and several waterfalls […]

10$ – 15$

The Algarves- Betijuelo and Valdevaqueros

Without a doubt, the Algarbes-Betijuelo trail is the one that keeps the greatest secrets of all the trails in the Estrecho Natural Park.. It begins by surrounding the Bronze Age Necropolis. The route of the trail is in the shape of an open V towards the Valdevaqueros cove, one of the longest virgin beaches of the Iberian Peninsula. […]

5$ – 12$

Path “the river of honey” – Pools and Waterfall in Algeciras

The Rio de La Miel trail, starts at the Molino de Escalona, still in use for grinding grain. We follow the margin of this river that houses forests in galleries known as canutos that constitute a unique ecosystem of the Los Alcornocales Natural Park.. We will cross a beautiful bridge that only allows the passage of people and […]

5$ – 12$